Edgar Degas

DegasPaintings.org covers the career of French artist Edgar Degas.

Edgar Degas paintings fit perfectly into the art movements of Realism and Impressionism, with the artist preferring to be linked to the former. Edgar Degas played an important role within French art at a time when it was beginning to dominate Europe and was a key member of the group of painters who began the impressionist movement that has since become one of the most popular styles of painting in the world.

Most Edgar Degas paintings cover two separate topics as you will see from the selection of works that are included within this website. Most famously were his frequent portraits of ballerina dancers, sometimes during class lessons and sometimes in a full show. Degas here experiments with all sorts of different outfits and poses with the ballerinas and tackled this topic in more depth than certainly any other artist has done.

Edgar Degas paintings are particularly popular as reproductions for art fans across Europe and North America with people most appreciating the feminine touch within the beautiful ballerinas whilst others prefer his horse race series which offers something very different that underlines the flexibility of the painter. Those buying Degas reproductions typically choose giclee art prints that accurately match the original colour schemes, though posters and stretched canvases are also very popular.

Additionally to his paintings of ballerina dancers, Degas also captured many scenes around a race course as he looked to study horse anatomy in many preparatory sketches plus also use his findings in larger, more complex scenes around several horse racing courses. There were also several intimate portraits of a woman as she has a bath and then combs her hair but the vast majority of Degas's paintings fall into the categories of ballerinas and horses.

List of Famous Edgar Degas Paintings

Look below for a substantial list of the best Edgar Degas paintings that are featured throughout this website.

  • Woman with Chrysanthemums
  • Chanteuse de Café
  • At the Milliner's
  • Portrait of the Bellelli Family
  • Young Spartans Exercising
  • The Amateur
  • Horseracing in Longchamps
  • Portrait of Miss Cassatt, Seated, Holding Cards
  • At the Café-Concert: The Song of the Dog
  • The Singer with the Glove
  • Miss La La at the Cirque Fernando
  • The Millinery Shop
  • Ballet Rehearsal
  • Dancer with a Bouquet of Flowers (Star of the Ballet)
  • Stage Rehearsal
  • Dancers at The Bar
  • Woman in the Bath
  • L'Absinthe
  • Place de la Concorde
  • The Tub, Musicians in the Orchestra
  • La Toilette (Woman Combing Her Hair)
  • The Bath - Woman Supporting her Back
  • At the Races
  • The Dance Class (La Classe de Danse)
  • Kneeling Woman
  • The New Orleans Cotton Exchange
  • After the Bath, Woman Drying her Nape
  • The Absinthe Drinker
  • Spartan Girls Challenging Boys
  • Ballet Rehearsal on Stage
  • Women Ironing
  • Woman Combing Her Hair
  • Blue Dancers
  • Dance Class
  • Dancing Class
  • Two dancers on the stage
  • Dance school
  • The Dance lesson
  • The Dance foyer at the Opera
  • Four Dancers
  • The Star
  • Dancers Practising at the Bar
  • Dancer at the Photographers